Dave Du Monte

Berghain Ostgut Panoramabar Tresor

Dave Du Monte legte regelmäßig im Ostgut, bis zur Schließung im Januar 2003, auf. Heute ist in der Nähe der Nachfolger, das Berghain mit der bekannten Panoramabar - Mittwochs im Tresor - regelmäßig im Rahmen der Headquarters - Berlin Reihe

Dave Du Monte had his first contacts with electronic music at the middle of the 80's by synthie-pop bands like Depeche Mode or Front 242 and also Kraftwerk. At this time, techno or house were still completely unknown words for him, but it all changed in the end of the 80's when heard from the acid house artists from England (ex: Baby Ford).
His interest in Techno/House music began in 1991 through diverse Berlin radio shows, club experiences like Tresor and since 1993 E-Werk, that soon lead to serious record collecting.
Dave Du Montes career began in 1994 in the eastgerman province in Rostock, where he began to study. There he played in the important Clubs together with the leading DJ´s from Berlin. This contacts bring him back to Berlin, one of the Headquarter DJ´s invited him to Tresor's Headquarter / New Faces night on Wednesdays. He quickly developed a definite love for a style that bounced between groovy to minimal, from Detroit-based melodies to the hard and funky Chicago stuff. Starting in 1998 he played regularly at the Headquarter / New Faces nights in Tresor.
From 2001 to the end of the club in the beginning 2003 he was often to be heard in the now legendary parties in Berlin's OstGut club. There a DJ and booker from Swizerland/Zürich take notice of Dave Du Monte and invited him to the Spiderqalaxy club in Zürich, where they regulary celebrate longform DJ sets longer as 8 hours.
After closing the OstGut club in Berlin arose a gap in the club-landscape. A group of OstGut adherents organize some interim parties on secret locations in the underground of Berlin, on most of this parties Dave Du Monte stand behind the turntables.

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